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    Common Induction Standards

    Our Health Care Training package are designed based on the Common Induction Standards and the Royal College of Nursing position statement for the training of Health Care Support Workers. Each of these standards contains areas of knowledge that Care Workers need to be acquainted with before they can work under unsupervised conditions. It is the responsibility of Managers to ensure that all staff are equipped with this knowledge in order to meet the required outcomes in all cases.

    These standards are mandatory across the Health and Social Care Diplomas to ensure a consistency of approach for the workforce.

    • Standard 1: Role of the Health and Social Care Worker
    • Standard 2: Personal Development
    • Standard 3: Communicate Effectively
    • Standard 4: Equality and Inclusion
    • Standard 5: Principles for Implementing Duty of Care
    • Standard 6: Principles of Safeguarding in Health and Social Care
    • Standard 7: Person-centred Support
    • Standard 8: Health and Safety in an Adult Social Care Setting