I have been trying to get a job for a long time, but I was scared of facing an

interview. I attended a few interviews but sadly I was not hired. My confidence

started to gradually decrease as I was refused again and again. I did not know

what to do or how to get a job. Then I came across May Solutions UK Limited.

I had a 2 hour session of coaching a day before my interview. After those two

hours, I found myself a different person with more confidence and less worry. I

attended the interview and faced all the questions without fear and answered

them confidently.

After the interview I realised that it was one of the best I had ever had. I was

not worried about getting a job; I wanted to be satisfied with my interview and

after that I was surely satisfied.

I received a call from the interviewing panel and was informed that I had been

selected for the job. I was speechless and very excited. Since then I have

attended 3 different interviews and was hired for all 3 of them.

Now I enjoy interviews, I attend without tension and feel more confident. I will

recommend May Solutions UK Limited to anyone who wishes to progress in

their career.

M. Hossain (Occupational Therapist, UK)